Vizualiza Hotel carries an intriguing history and an architectural revival. 

The renovation of the historically famous Orel tobacco factory is a blatant demonstration of how history can carry into the future. Our guests will be part of the historic utopia of a building in a multi-layered urban tale narrated in the center of one of the oldest living cities in the world.

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Early days

The building was abandoned in 1988 and for 30 years was known as the House of the Ghosts. It was originally built in 1890 by the tobacco merchants Dimitri Stavridis and Dimitri (Marinov) Mardas by the plan of an Italian architect. During its early years, the Orel tobacco and cigar factory was one of the largest and most modern in Bulgaria. In this building, the first Bulgarian cigars were created, which were advertised at the First Industrial Exhibition in Plovdiv in 1892.

20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, Orel was bought by the Italian industrialist Carlo Baĸapo, who brought the newest machinery and made it the largest and most modern in the country. Baĸapo founded the United Tobacco Company, better known as Cartella. This company accounts for two-thirds of the country’s tobacco industry and about 35% of tobacco consumption.

New ownership

During the First World War, Carlo Vakaro was forced to sell his company and leave Bulgaria. Then a famous merchant from Haskovo, Petar Diakov moved to the industrially booming city. Diaĸov purchased the company and Baĸyapo’s latest technology. He became close to his son Edmondo, who he appointed as his partner at the joint-stock company Aegean Sea. However, during an accident, the entire building burnt to the ground.

The legend

According to legend, the citizens of Plovdiv collected voluntary donations to rebuild the burnt building. After 9 September 1944, the building was nationalized and until 1988 it housed a sewing factory. Since then, the building has been condemned to loneliness and ruin.


Today, the building has been considered one of the best-renovated buildings in Bulgaria. With timeless design and high demands on luxury, comfort, preservation of artifacts, and respect for art, we want to give our guests a legendary welcome, every time!