Dieci x Valere

Dieci Boutique & Valere Restaurant welcomes you to a Journey of Unique Bulgarian flavors with the Tasting Nights Terroir 12-Course Menu!


Tasting Nights - 15th-16th of May 2024

Tasting Menu

About Dieci Boutique

“Dieci, is not the result of a coincidence, neither an impulse. Dieci Restaurant is rather a dream that has been cooking for years. It is the result of engineering the perfect food business and the perfect intimate atmosphere for our guests. With vast experience in over 114 countries and 35+ years in the business, we have purified and distilled the good and the excellent of this art and eliminated the bad and the evil of this business. “

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Menu Protocol: Service and Dinner Rules


  • The Restaurant will be closed for A La Carte on those two nights. Service closes at 15:00h each day.
  • Water service: white water, mineral or sparkling 750ml
  • Coffee and water service is included in the couvert unlimited.
  • There will only be one menu, no vegetarian offer nor any other sort of modifications to the menu can be made.
  • Limited dietary restrictions can be accommodated if informed in advance when making the reservation. Please note: trend lifestyles are not accommodated, just life-threatening allergies and food restrictions.
  • Reservations can be made for parties of 2 up to 6 guests.
  • Parking and valet can be organized in advance with our team to ensure the comfort of the guest. Parking is free of charge.
  • Welcome sparkling wine will be served courtesy upon the arrival of all guests.

Dinner Rules: House Rules for the Event

  • Payment of the dinner should be fully in advance. Wine pairing and other beverages can be done/added during the event, but the food couvert must be fully paid to confirm the reservation.
  • Dress code: formal attire is obligatory: No sandals, no exposed feet, no sneakers, no shorts, no tank tops.
  • Adult-only policy, no children nor children menu can be accepted.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Mobile phone use with the discretion of the customer.
  • No smoking during the dinner, we will have an intermission halfway through the event where the guests who want to smoke can go outside to the summer garden. This includes e-cigarettes, cigars, etc.
  • Zero tolerance over prejudice, vulgar displays, swearing, screaming, excessive and uncontrolled alcohol consumption, violence, and yelling.
  • No beverages aside from flavored waters and/or wines will be served during the dinner. Coffee and tea are complementary at the end of the meal. Hard alcohol can only be served after the tasting is finished.