Another remarkable revival house in the Old Town will regain its splendor and beauty in the current year 2023, informs OI “Ancient Plovdiv”. The Pavliti Renaissance House is one of the emblematic buildings in Old Plovdiv. The building was declared an architectural, constructional, and artistic monument of culture, State Gazette No. 85/1949, and has the status of an immovable cultural asset with the category of “national importance”.

Usage over the years

Over the years, it has been used as a representative reception room of the Committee for Art and Culture, it has also housed the National Donor Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”, Student House and Municipal Foundation “Plovdiv 2019”.

About the building

The building was then closed to visitors because the facade of the house was in a bad state, some of the pillars had fallen, and the wooden columns and elements had rotted. There is currently a lot of damage to the stucco, artistic lettering, decorative elements, and cornices.


After the contractor selected for the public procurement held in 2021 refused, in 2022 we proceeded with further actions. As a result of an announced public procurement under the PLO, through a collection of offers with an announcement conducted in accordance with Article 20, paragraph 3, item 1 of the PLO dated 02.12.2022, the Municipal Institute “Ancient Plovdiv” concluded a contract with the selected contractor – the company “Reststroy” EOOD with the subject “Conservation-restoration activities on the exterior of the house “Pavliti”, part of the “Ancient Plovdiv” AIR. The contract was concluded on 15.12.2022, and the deadline for implementation is 294 calendar days from the handover of the object to the contractor, but no later than 15.12.2023. The value of the contract is BGN 149,966.03 without VAT,” said Associate Professor Dr. Elena Kantareva-Decheva, director of the institute.


The restoration

The conservation and restoration activities will be carried out in accordance with a project agreed upon by the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the Law on Cultural Heritage. The author of the project in part KRR is Nikola Stoyanov – one of the most authoritative Plovdiv restorers. He is behind the restoration of iconic cultural monuments both in Plovdiv and throughout Bulgaria. He worked on archaeological sites such as the Ancient Theater, the Roman Stadium, the Ancient Odeon, the Roman Forum Complex “Augusta Traiana” in Stara Zagora, the original stone construction of the Thracian mound “Golyama Kosmatka” near the town of Shipka, and the restoration of the facade of the Catholic Church “St. Ludwig”. His name is also behind the restoration of numerous frescoes in churches and monasteries, as well as houses in the Old Town.


House “Pavliti” was built in the middle of the 19th century and was owned by a rich merchant from Peshtera Georgi Pavliti (Politoglu). With its rich artistic decoration, characteristic bay window, arched windows, and inscribed holkel, the object is one of the spatial and urban planning benchmarks in the fabric of the Old Town.